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This is going to end badly.

The is not the direction I started...

things are off-track, here.

you know how when you come up with something big, there’s always a theme? and it bleeds over into every aspect of whatever that big thing is. like, say there is a high school dance, and the theme is “footloose”. in this case, kenny loggins would be played all night, there would be chicken contests on tractors outside, ruffly blue and pale yellow tux’s, big hair and sleeves, and non-stop super bad, white people clap-dancing all night. because this is a theme; it encompasses everything.

somewhere along the road of durtbagz, the theme has become fuzzy.

durtbagz are goofy, silly, weird, abnormal, creative, geeky, products. yet, somewhere along the way, the theme gets lost.

take my photos of the bags, for example.

Is this a goofy/weird/creative shot? I think not.

this shot is anti-weird.

wow, that is one weird/crazy/abnormal way to show a bag! man, keep me away from your cocaine, i’m nuts and i’ll eat it all. you do eat it, right?

seriously. why did i do this? i’m not freaking l.l. bean. i’m durtbagz. what’s durty about this shot? not a dayum thing.

let’s take a gander at a shirt shot, shall we?

What's zany? Thumbs up, that's what!

What's zany? Thumbs up, that's what!

really? thumbs up is the best i could do? thumbs-the-hell-up?!?!? who am i even giving it to?

see what i mean? things are off track. the way durtbagz are is different than how they are portrayed. is that proper english? sometimes the southwest missouri comes back to haunt me.

how can products that are anything but normal and usual be displayed that way? sub question: why are they?

the bags need to be shot in weird ways, carrying abnormal things, at unusual places. like have one on a bench, with half a large pizza coming out of it, and folded over the top, but not so much that you can’t see the sign. that fits the theme.

i think i’m going to put our faces in the next set of shirt shots. partially because i think that facial expressions are hilarious and mostly because i love to look at mine.

it's the soldier on my shoulder that's creating a fuss.

it's the soldier on my shoulder that's creating a fuss.

and my friends.

actually, katie's face always looks like this.

actually, katie's face always looks like this.

and my husband.

something was stinky. a bunch of boys at 10k feet. stinky isn't accurate.

something was stinky. a bunch of boys at 10k feet. stinky isn't accurate.

even the videos are what i would call usual. if i really wanted this episode of “what’s in my durtbag?” to be different, i would have taken a swig of beer and then thrown it in the fireplace like they did with their drinks in old movies. it would have helped if we’d had any beer left, but that’s beside the point. me talking about beer isn’t unusual. i should have chugged it or taken a swig without using my hands or something. that would have been different than everyone else out there.

anyway, i want you to know that i’m aware of the disconntect and i’m working to fix it to keep durtbagz weird. weirder than austin, even. we’re reshooting the shots for the site on saturday. and i’m working on the next video where things will be a little more unexpected.

have a funy idea for the shot of a certain bag or shirt? TELL ME, i’m all ears!! if i use it, i’ll send you a shirt. boo yeah.


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If you can survive it, you can win it.

If you can survive it, you can win it!

i can’t be the only one who would swim as fast as possible out of the deep end, on every lap, during swim practice, you know, because of the sharks. they weren’t in the shallow end,  just the deep. um, i was seven and they were real.

anyway, this is the new design that is going to go on shirts.  i’ll sell the t-shirts on the durtbagz.com, and at wholesale, to tri-sport training/gear shops. i’m going to work with the shops on different options for shirts to print.

my cousin gave me the heads-up, after her tri coach kept telling her how much she liked her durtbagz gear. her coach asked if i did anything for tri-sports because she was interested in selling it at her store. um, okay, i can do that.

i’m excited to sell wholesale and try something different to get the sales going. to be blunt: people ain’t buying shit right now.

i don’t sell the bagz wholesale because the pricing doesn’t work. i print such small quantities, that i can’t sell them at a lower rate than i sell to you guys. since most retail outlets aren’t exactly interested in selling things for 0% mark-up, that leaves me out of the wholesale business for bags.

but not for shirts. those i print in much larger quantities because i sell something like 6-1 shirts to bagz. boo yeah. wholesale.

if you’re interested in an tri-sign shirt or know someone who would be, hollar at me. (that’s missouri for let me know).

PS. also, i’m working on a zombie sign.

PSS. and i will draw a name for the shirt this week. so you still have time to share your decent mom blogs with me.

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