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That’s right. Did you really think the Head Bag Lady couldn’t top a fat Kevin Fedderline? Have some faith, people. I created the market for weird street signs on bags and funny novelty shirts. Do not under estimate me.

This happened to me a couple of days ago. I saw it first hand so there is no hear-say involved.

I’m walking through the parking lot of my gym, when I look up at the tanning salon across the street. I love looking at this tanning salon because I like to look at people that are dumber than me.

I look up, expecting the usual stream of blond girls or thick-necked guys with bandannas around their heads. But I got more than I expected on this trip. I got an extra treat.

There was a girl, getting out of a cab to go tanning. She had to take a cab to get to the tanning salon. Um…

Shall we break this down? All righty.

1. We live in Arizona. More specifically, the desert part of Arizona. We are unintentionally tan for free, year round. The fact that people are so concerned with having the best tan possible that they will pay money for it, is just stupid in this city. It’s just stupid. The end.

2. Not only does this person pay to have a “special” tan, she also apparently has to pay to get to the place to pay to have a “special” tan.

3. How do you spell “desperate”? I think it’s “t a k i n g  a c a b t o t a n”.

I can’t make this stuff up.

You can thank Scottsdale for providing you with entertainment that kicks Kevin Fatterline’s fat ass.


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