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I saw this and couldn’t resist.

When I see this, I think, as soon as you see someone using sign language in this neighborhood, your next thought is, “Oh, you’re the one.” It raises a few questions:

Why does this person just spend their days, roaming around enough to warrant a posted street sign?

Do you have to get a new sign if another deaf person moves into the ‘hood?

How do you know they are slow? What was their time?

Why are you “warning” me of this person? How much damage can a “slow deaf person” really cause? I’m asking because I’ve never seen one on a rampage.

Did you have a ribbon cutting ceremony when it was installed for “the chosen one”? Of course it would have been the quietest ribbon cutting ceremony in history…

If there’s only one person affected by this sign, why not just personalize it? “Slow Deaf Pete” for example.

I had to post this because it puts my sign below to shame.

Anyway, just had to share. Want more weird street signs that you can wear around and show off to your friends? Hit up durtbagz.com and grab yourself a new t-shirt.


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